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This is the place to visit for a little ribbon inspiration.  We aim to share ideas and tips for using ribbons and buttons in your crafting.  All our new and exciting ribbons, kits and goodies will be shown here first.  We will keep you up to date with what is happening with the Crafty Ribbons Team!  Don't miss out - check back regularly for all the latest news.

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Card Hangers

Ooooh! It's getting closer!  Sydney came round after school yesterday to help me hang our Christmas cards in the warehouse, we have had quite a few - thank you all for sending them, they are great.  And lots of them have ribbon on! Yeah!

Sydney and I wandered around the warehouse, trying to decide where to put the cards so everyone could see them.  Not sure she understood what we were doing but she played along with me quite happily. Ahh! We had found the just the right place for them.

This is a big white wall at the side of the stairs leading up to my "Play room".  We are open plan, so it can been seen from all around the warehouse.  There is a huge hand painted mural above the cards that we commissioned for an exhibtion stand yonks ago, it catches everyones attention so the cards will not be missed.

I held the ribbon while syd cut it into lengths, she can be quite bossy and likes to pick the best jobs!  We pinned the ribbons onto the wall, Syd holding the bottom edge while I did the top - remember we are working on the stairs.  I then tied the bows while Syd munched her way through some Chocolate coins she had found in my room.  We attached the bows to the lengths of ribbons with a few pins and started to hang the cards onto the ribbon with small gold pegs.


They go from the top to the bottom and we think they look amazing.

Thought I would get todays ribbon posting in early, I have the day to myself and I have lots of jobs that need to be finished.  The main one being the prezzies I am making for the girls, the only thing I have made so far are the tags!!

Have a good day.

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