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This is the place to visit for a little ribbon inspiration.  We aim to share ideas and tips for using ribbons and buttons in your crafting.  All our new and exciting ribbons, kits and goodies will be shown here first.  We will keep you up to date with what is happening with the Crafty Ribbons Team!  Don't miss out - check back regularly for all the latest news.

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Colour Create first day & wish winner

I have been doing a bit of a dither over the Colour Create Challenge goodies.  It may sound a bit strange but what with the re-organising and the launch of our summer SALE (here) I could not get into the mood of taking photos.  I couldn't decide what back drop to use, so I gave up for a few days.  Well this afternoon I decided on something simple, a white canvas base scattered with shade cards and a purple back drop.  The light was perfect so i started ripping open the parcels, the first item unwarapped was this.......... was meant to be!  More colour create after the Birthday wish winner.

Sydney had a wonderful birthday and got THREE, yes three birthday cakes. She did share. She had a disco at our local Crazy Monsters  - a wonderful adventure playground for children and those adults (me) who dare to twist and turn all the way to the top.  Once there you descend on a massive slide. Awesome, but of course I only went up to help Mollie and Sam!!  Thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes, we had great fun reading them to Sydney.

After a bit of crafting, we had been making masks, Sydney picked the lucky winner of her Friday FREEBIE Birthday Ribbon Wish.  Remember we could make a ribbon wish come true!

So who is number 22? Whose wish is about to come true...............

Number 22 is Marilyn McLaughlin
Many Happy Returns on your B I G  6TH birthday Sydney....hope your day is filled with all good things!!
As for blowing the candles and making a wish....I would wish for......but -then it wouldn't come true if I say it!!!! Let's just say that I am seeing spots just now(hint hint)

Well Marilyn your wish has just come true - what sort of dots would you like, swiss dots, puff dots, marshmallow dots or even polka dots.  You will be seeing dots before your eyes for ever!  All you have to do is send me an email with your details to and we will do the rest.

Tony was just reading through my post checking for spellings, when I hear "Ali where is the second Birthday wish winner?"  Oh poos, Sydney had only picked one number fom the "Bingo" bag. 

So, Tony's magic hands picked....

Number 7 = teresa birchall
OOOhhh i love the jam pot ribbons . Happy 6th birthday sydney . Hope you have a fantastic one.

Cor you were very very lucky this week Teresa, I nearly overlooked your wish - jam pots you say.  Please email us with your details to and we will send you some Super yummy jammy ribbons!!

Sorry we could only make two wishes come true, but thank you to everyone that played along.  We are also sorry if you experienced problems leaving a comment this week.  Our server decided that it wanted a few hours off (thankfully during the night!), we had to reboot it in the morning and everything was fine again.  Although I noticed that our facebook likes on our webpage has returned to a big fat ZERO   It also seems that the spam filter was also at it meanest and rejecting comments - fooling you into thinking it had accepted it by letting you see it for a while then well.....just......eating it!!  We are very sorry if your comment was eaten.

Back to our latest ribbon Challenge # 24 - Colour Create.  We had lots of entries to this challenge, I orginally restricted it to 15, of went over 20!  My desk is piled high with envelopes and boxes, every morning I an convinced I can hear  "Open me, Ali open me".  Well i opened 2 envelopes today, the first was from Claire.

These colours are drop dead gorgeous Claire, I love them.  What a beautiful card, the glitter acetate butterflies are very clever.

What an elegant shoe and just my size, not sure I will wear it today with all this rain!

What perfect detail, and not only on the front....

...the heel has also had some Claire magic.

My next parcel was from Jan, and wow to the change of colour.  Each Challenger was sent a Jam Pot Collection of ribbons (here) and a handful of matching buttons from our Button Boxes here.  Jan was sent the tawny orange colours, this Jan tells me was WAY OUT of her colour comfort zone. So this turned out to be a HUGE challenge for her.  You certainly pulled it off Jan, your two creations are out of this world.

Wicked, super cool Jan and so much detail.....

.....sewn button and the ballerina is just awesome.  (If you had your eye on this netting in our Summer Sale, sorry but it is sold out.)

I wish I could create this faded washed out look, think I am too heavy handed! Crazy idea for the hanging loop, and adding those buttons what a clever bit of crafting.

Next out of Jans envelope was this charming card. 

This is a wire edge ribbon that Jan has used, but Jan removed the wire by just pulling it out.

Look at all the different levels of this card - a work of art.

Thank you Claire and Jan for your wonderful creations and I look forward to more parcel opening tomorrow. 

I had thought of making a card this week for the Hello wednesday.......but no...think I will leave it to the expert card makers.


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