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This is the place to visit for a little ribbon inspiration.  We aim to share ideas and tips for using ribbons and buttons in your crafting.  All our new and exciting ribbons, kits and goodies will be shown here first.  We will keep you up to date with what is happening with the Crafty Ribbons Team!  Don't miss out - check back regularly for all the latest news.

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All that we have done!

Day 15 - Budget Stocking

In one of my magazines I saw that Tesco were stocking a value stocking for 50p...........................oooh I wonder what I could do with it.  That was way back in November and I totally forgot about it, until we ran out of milk last week.  I wanted a few minutes away from the warehouse so popped to Tesco and look what jumped into my basket and reduced to 33p......Billy Bargain.


Ok - it did not look like this.  To be honest it was misshaped and rather sad looking.  It was actually stuffed in with the santa hats (before I have comments from the team, NO the milk is not in the Christmas aisle). I forgot to take a before photo but I left the Tesco label on to prove it was a value stocking.

To turn my 33p stocking (sorry but you can not make a felt stocking for 33p) into a bit of a WOW effort.

I turned the stocking inside out and cut away the excess felt from the seam, and snipped into the curves and turned it the right way round.  This suddenly gave the stocking a bit more stocking shape!

Next I embroidered aound the outside with 6 strands of white embroidery thread with blanket stitch.  Making sure I pulled the seam as tight as poss to create a better shape.  For the tree decoration I used scraps of ribbon and pinned them in place (slide a rolled up newspaper inside the stocking so you do not pin through to the back).  Once I had a row of ribbons I drew a pencil line through the centre which I then back stitched on top of. 

The gold star is also ribbon, stuck on top of some card and cut into a star shape.  I am very pleased with my value stocking and it gave me an evening of play.

Leigh has been playing with our ribbons too.

I am sure I have told you before but Leigh helped me make my first ever card, a few eons ago!!  Up until then I was a classic embroiderer, spending hours ribbon embroidering pictures.  Within a few hours we had made a box of cards and what a giggle we had.  We do not meet up as much as we would like, as Leigh lives over the other side of the country but we hope to see each other between Christmas and New year for a good old catch up.  Leigh your bow card is a classic, and yes I did fluff the holly bow for you!

When Leigh and I met in the summer, I told her about all our new ribbons, but only had drawings to show her - they were so TOP SECRET!  She was the first I sent the pre samples to, to get a reaction. She LOVED them especially this ribbon (sorry sold out).  How simple and elegant is this card.

Ummm I think I have photographed this card the wrong way up, no wonder it would not stand!!!! It was blowing a hoooly that day. Sorry Leigh -great card.

I am going back to school today - wish me luck!!

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