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This is the place to visit for a little ribbon inspiration.  We aim to share ideas and tips for using ribbons and buttons in your crafting.  All our new and exciting ribbons, kits and goodies will be shown here first.  We will keep you up to date with what is happening with the Crafty Ribbons Team!  Don't miss out - check back regularly for all the latest news.

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Ribbon Challenge 11 - Part 2

I had an amazing evening last night, I must have been all "inspired up" from all your challenge cards that I went home and designed 4 new embroidery kits.  Four in one evening is a record for me!! We leave for the first of our exhibitions a week tomorrow, so if I am really quick we will be able to put them into production next week and take them to France.  Only problem is that I have to write the instructions - in FRENCH - AARGH!!!

Anyway, here is the second batch of Challenge cards - not all the cards are in yet.  Don't panic if you are running late, as long as they are with me by next weekend, they will be photographed and put on the blog before we leave for France.

This is a delightful Apron card made by kim, what a perfect use of ribbon.

Kim also made a "Double Pocket" bag - Wow Kim, this looks so complicated to make, but great to receive.

Love and romance this card from Janette says to all. The photo has not picked up the added glitter on the angels wings, which make the ribbons glitter.

These two ATC's from Janette are adorable.  The amount of work that goes into such a small item is unreal. Thank you Janette for spreading the word about our fabbby ribbons and website, glad to hear you were delighted with your first order from us.  I should put a WARNING on our ribbons - but most of you already know they are addictive!!!!

I confused Gail, this is her first challenge with us and she asked for traditional ribbons, as you can see I sent contemporary.  So Gail thought I was making her craft "outside" of her craft zone.  Nothing that clever, I just (as usual) got it wrong - Sorry!!  Great card Gail, I love the way the little mini hearts on the ribbon blend with the embossed dots on the card.


Gail said that she was stretched to find papers to tone with the ribbons, as they were colours she would not normally work with.  I see no problems here, its wicked.

Ooooh! Naughty, naughty sending me sweeties Gail - I can not promise not to eat them on the exhibtion stand.  I had been looking for sweetie hearts for this photo shoot - but nothing in Dorset. Great bag, love the idea.

A wonderful selection of romantic cards by Dorothy.

Dorothy has cut some of the hearts from the ribbon and added them to her images.

Dorothy said that she doesn't make Valentine cards, so this was an extra challenge for her - that's what we like to hear.

I have to thank Dorothys husband for trekking through the snow to post these wonderful cards to us.  It was worth it Mr D. This heart card is double sided almost like a mini album each side, great idea.

What a cute couple Carol, great fun the way the heart beads form a star shape. Sorry no note to say who's stamp it is.  Your Christmas stamp you used Carol drove me mad in Paris last year.  I had to remove your cards from the stand, we had so many people coming up to us and saying - "Est que vous avez?" pointing at your card!!!

I might have to "borrow" this card Carol, the bear is a sweetie pie, I amazed at the way you have added so many different layers and textures to the card. I must admit that the red and white ribbon is a stunner, it makes perfect bows.

Beryl these two delicate boxes caused me so much trouble - they did honest.  I just could not capture the detail with the camera, I tried everything.  There are little gems glued between the hearts on the ribbons, they must have taken forever.


Beryl has got her needle and thread out - that is REAL stitching on the card, none of this faux stuff!!!! Great ribbon rosettes.

Arrrrgh how sweet is that! I do like this love ribbon and it comes in so many different colours, great idea to put it on a tag Beryl.

I have a feeling I will have to keep an eye on this card Beryl, it may go walkies in the next few weeks. It is so adorable that I am sure someone will want to take it home with them!!

Before you all squeak at me that crafters would not do something like that - remember it is not only crafters that come to the shows!  We have a lot of samples and items stolen, when I made them all I used to get upset, now that they are made by YOU wonderful guys I get angry.  So much so that we have stopped exhibiting in some places.

Thank you all for such wonderful creations, I hope you all enjoyed working with the ribbons.  Please readers leave a comment and tell these talented ladies how wonderful their work is, without their work we would not have challenges!

Anyway must get on I have instructions to write - eeeerrrr! 

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