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This is the place to visit for a little ribbon inspiration.  We aim to share ideas and tips for using ribbons and buttons in your crafting.  All our new and exciting ribbons, kits and goodies will be shown here first.  We will keep you up to date with what is happening with the Crafty Ribbons Team!  Don't miss out - check back regularly for all the latest news.

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All that we have done!

Summer Bunting week - flags

I made a Cake
I made a Birthday Cake
I made MY Birthday Cake!

It's my Birthday today.

No sewing today - double sided tape and bits of ribbon!

  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • doweling and a couple of beads
  • embroidery thread or string
  • ribbon - any width any colour

1. Cut a two lengths of doweling and stick two wooden bead to the top, to look like flag poles.

2.  Tie the embroidery thread around the top of a pole and secure with a knot.

3.  Repeat for the other pole.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon into a flag shape and place under the thread.
Put a small piece of double sided tape onto the ribbon just below where the thread will sit.

5. Fold the ribbon over the thread and stick it down.

6. Repeat with other bits of ribbon. 
Cut the ribbons at different angles or fray the ends to make them all a little different.

Just add them to your cake.

OOOH NO!  The middle layer was pink!
It was pink when it went into the oven................pooos.

£21 = my age!!!!

We have a £21 voucher up for grabs.

We will pick the winner next Tuesday
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Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  I do hope you have enjoyed the Summer Bunting week as much as I have.

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