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This is the place to visit for a little ribbon inspiration.  We aim to share ideas and tips for using ribbons and buttons in your crafting.  All our new and exciting ribbons, kits and goodies will be shown here first.  We will keep you up to date with what is happening with the Crafty Ribbons Team!  Don't miss out - check back regularly for all the latest news.

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Tag Tastic

You all seem to get a little nervous when I mention these next two little words  - Ribbon Embroidery.  Calm down, calm down, it really isn't very scary.  Tony can do it with his big fingers, so if he can so can you!

I made these tags to go on a project that I will show you later in the week.  I can tell you no more as they are little prezzies I am making for the girls.  I have photographed the tags on the ribbons that they will be combined with, just so you do not think I am a little mad! Working with ribbon for so long, you curl a little!!!

Believe it or not, but the ribbon forming the letters is Ribbon Embroidery.  These tags are for Vicky and Sarah.  Are you brave enough to follow the tutorial? I hear so many strange comments while on the exhibition stands about ribbon embroidery - "Far to fiddly" - "No, can't do that, haven't got enough patience" - "It will take me way to long".  I have always thought they are rather strange things to say, but ho hum everyone is different.

Here goes - Ribbon Embroidery the Crafty Ribbons way.

You need 3mm Satin ribbon, lots of colours HERE, embroidery needle and thread.  If you are going to try the tags then the only extra bits you need are felt tags!  I cut mine using a Sizzix machine and a large tag die.  Write the initial onto the felt using a felt tip pen.  You will cover the ink with the ribbon so don't worry.

Secure the thread on the reverse side of the tag, and bring the needle and thread to the front. I am using a cream thread, so that you can see my stitching on the black satin ribbon.

Cut the 3mm satin ribbon into 3cm lengths.  I normally make a pile of these and pick them up one at a time. Put the needle into the centre of one end of the ribbon, as close to the cut edge as you can without it fraying.

Take a stitch to the bottom edge of the ribbon.  Do not pull your needle through the ribbon after each stitch.  Keeping it on the needle is much easier.

Take the needle to the top edge of the ribbon, so you are sort of zig zagging from bottom edge to top edge.  Do not sew straight down the middle, it will not give the same effect.

Continue to the end of the ribbon.  Bring the last stich out in the centre of the ribbon (like how you started).

Push the ribbon off the needle and all the way down the thread until it sits flat on the felt.

Push the needle back into the start of the ribbon where it originally came up, so it goes through the ribbon and through the felt.

Pull the thread so that the ribbon loops over.

Keep pulling until your ribbon scrunches up to make a stitch.  In my work shops I call the the "Oh, ARRRH" momment!!!  Congratulations you have completed your first ribbon embroidery stitch.  Was that easy or what?!  O.K. it is not traditional ribbon embroidery, they didn't have polyester satin ribbon when it was invented, they only had pure silk ribbon. This is Surface Ribbon Embroidery which is quick and easy to do, it uses polyester 3mm satin ribbon and can be embroidered on anything - even card.

Continue with another stitch, following your drawn line.

Keep going, stitch by stitch.


I finshed the tag by sewing straight stitches around the tag, and adding two shades of 3mm satin ribbon to the top of the tag.  Because I used cream thread, you can just see one or two of my stitches, by using matching thread this wont happen.

You will have to click back later in the week to see what I have done with these.

Happy sewing

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