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This is the place to visit for a little ribbon inspiration.  We aim to share ideas and tips for using ribbons and buttons in your crafting.  All our new and exciting ribbons, kits and goodies will be shown here first.  We will keep you up to date with what is happening with the Crafty Ribbons Team!  Don't miss out - check back regularly for all the latest news.

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All that we have done!

Buying Adventure

Tony and I have been on a buying trip…….

…….what with the advent of the internet it is not something that occurs very often.
We did have fun……..…and it turned into a adventure ….…it started snowing..

photo 2(3)

….for some odd reason we did not expect this, the temperature started dropping….

photo 3(2)

and went all the way down to -10!
“Bossy” our sat nav decided to take us the scenic  route, we had no idea where we were going so we followed her instructions.
We were going up and up and yes you guessed it we got stuck!!!!

Thankfully a farmer was on his way home for lunch and helped us on our way.

Do you want to know where we were going?

photo 4

And what were were buying?

Do you know what this is, and what it makes?

photo 1(2)

this may help…….

photo 2(2)

Yes we were going to a Lace factory…………..ooh I was so excited to be seeing and buying this

french lace

The noise and smell from the machine room was beyond belief.  60 machines all clattering away, with little bobbins spinning around.  This was traditional lace making at its very best, some of the machines were over 80 years old, not a computer in sight.  The intricate designs transferred to the machines via hole punched cards.  Totally amazing and a wicked time…………apart from the fact I spent lots and lots of money!!  Tee hee sorry Tony.

I have launched two cotton ranges.


This is called Clermont a wide 18mm cotton lace with a crochet style feel to it.

want it all

Etienne is also made from cotton but much finer to the touch and only 11mm wide.

As these are made using traditional methods the widths do vary slightly, but they are so yummy I am not sure it will matter.  All the Design team girls are in love with our new lace, they have had to keep it a secret for weeks.

You can find our NEW Lace here.

Hope you enjoy it.

free postage £15

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