8 Days of Christmas

I did some ribbon embroidery last night! Not sure if I can put this on the blog but I have had a "sod it" week.
Fed up of resting my hand, fed up of the pain, fed up of the meds, fed up of having a head full of ideas.
On Monday I told Tony I was going to have a "sod it" week and do everything I wanted to do,
so I have been ribbon embroidering.

I only wish I could show you last nights design, it is wicked - a type of blackwork but in ribbon.
It is for a new kit, so unless I sell out in Paris it will go on the site later this year.
I must say I have had fun this week............tee hee.......

On to todays Vintage Christmas gift idea from a different Laura than yesterday.


A wicked idea Laura, just perfect for that little gift. The little gingerbread cookie cutter colour is a perfect match to the ribbon.

Laura used the Gingerbread Vintage Christmas ribbon here

All the other Vintage Christmas Ribbons are here

There is a Friday FREEBIE post this week, you could win a bumper Bev's bag, just by leaving a comment.
Read the post below.

Ooooh what idea shall I embroider today?

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