A little bit of purple, red & pink

Oh I start to dread this time of year, the summer is over. The last Bank holiday is gone till Christmas.............oh well I will just have to change my colours. 

Tina, Karen and Carol all seem very happy with reds, purples and pink, loving the warm colours.  Tina picked the Cherry Jam Pot Ribbons to work with, Karen choose Blackcurrant....mmmm my favourite and Carol wanted the Strawberry.

This book Tina created needs no words from me, it tells it's own story.


Tina it is gorgeous, I love it.

Little Tilda all dressed in red with a little red bow - perfect.  Oh I do wish I could colour, I know you have tried to help me Tina but to be honest I need more time to practice.  I did dabble with painting over the weekend, well face painting - Sydney bought herself a box of paints.  I was not very good and she kept on laughing, she was over the moon with my handiwork but all I could see were the faults!  I am seeing her today and I am sure she will have her paints with her.

Oh it is that time of year, Christmas is coming. This little stocking is just for me - well it does have a A on the front for Ali. I think the little patch of ribbon is adorable Tina.

Great button detail, thanks Tina.  I will only have a small stocking this year Tony, nothing big - maybe something shiny will fit the bill.  A girl can dream.

Scrummy, yummy a blackcurrant cupcake. Yes, I like very much, what a perfect picture Karen.

Look at the wavy icing and the hundreds and thousands sprinkled on top.

You all make such wonderful keyrings, there is no way I could put keys on this beauty, it is far to pretty. But it will look fab as a bag charm, looking pretty without the work of having to look after keys.  I am awful with keys, I can never find them.  My office keys have been taken away from me, I have lost misplaced them twice now.  They are safe.......somewhere!  Karen your beautiful keyring will have a very good home, hope you enjoyed playing with all the purples?

These little designs amaze me, I wonder where they came from........any idea what it is?  It is a corner bookmark, how clever is that Carol.


Another cracking idea from Carol, a taggy card - just think you can change the tag messages to suit the receiver.  I think this is a super idea, also ribbons and tags were made for each other!


Sorry I do not know the name of this fairy, but she is covered in Fairy dust to make your day extra special.  Great ideas Carol, thanks for creating for us.

Rachie has booked me out today to help plan the exhibtion stand with her.............before I get anywhere near the stand I know the ribbons will not fit........far to many!!!!

I will be back later with the winners of the Friday FREEBIE.

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