All Gone..............

Ali!!!!! We turn up at the warehouse this morning and it's all gone. Ali has stripped the shelves bare of all the show stock, you can actually see the wood and metal shelves.

We all came into work on Saturday to help Tony and Ali load the van for the Paris show, but after we had gone, she must have decided to fill the back of the van with everything she could find!

They arrived safely in Paris today and have an unloading time of 4pm, so they should be part way through. Thankfully they do not have a time limit to unload in, because poor Ali is struggling with her foot. We wish the bosses all the very best and DO NOT forget the French Pic Nic next Tuesday!

Rachie took the picture of Syd picking the winners from the "Bingo" bag this week. Mini winnie was being naughty and climbed into the "bingo" bag! Who is going to have £17.00 to spend in our website?

The winners are

Numbers 13 = Claire
Happy 17th Anniversary to you both. Have fab time celebrating. I'm keeping my fingers crossed especially hard this week. xx

Number 16 = Margaret
Congratulations on your Amethyst Wedding Anniversary.

Thank you all for leaving us comments, Tony surprised Ali with a meal out on Friday, she was a little down and thought she would have to wear slippers!!! Tony told us she was very brave and managed to eat her way through the menu, nothing different there then!! Congratulations Claire and Margaret - we hope you already have a wish list ready, if you could email Rachie at and she will let you know how to claim your voucher.

Happy shopping girls.

Bev and Rachie x x

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