Animal Cuties

I have never been a fan of the word "cute", but I am pleased to say that these NEW Animal Cuties Ribbons are just awesome, they are sooooo cute! Sorry there was just no other word to describe them.

How cute are they??

Sorry, I will get a grip any moment. I do get rather carried away with my ribbons. There are 16 super cute ribbons in this collection, and if you want to find them they are hiding away HERE. As always there is a WANT IT ALL of these Animal Cuties, 16mtrs - 1mtr of all 16 designs for £12.00 that's only 75p per mtr, so not only cute but a great price too.

I have been busy with my camera again, and opening lots of Challenge goodies, so here is the next instalment of inspiration.

A stunning pair of cards from Margaret, wow they are amazing.  Margaret used the same stamp for both cards (from S.V.) but trimmed them differently.

Oooh I like boxes, there is normally a surprise inside.....

.....yes, look at these sweeties.  Margaret has made little mini cards, suitable as gift tags or just a little note.  They are perfect, what a delightful surprise.


Sydney and Mollie had little prezzies from Margarets recent holiday.  Matryoshka dolls - they are delightful Margaret, thank you so much.  We will keep the little dolls safe from Mollie for a while.  Sorry to hear you have been unwell, we wish you better Margaret.

Welcome back Tina - we have missed your makes.  What a brilliant idea, a holiday fund tin, we like.  I found a stray crab in the your envelope, I hope I have put him back in the right place Tina.

This ribbon has really hit the spot with you card makers, (I was the only one in the office that liked it!). Just perfect for that masculine card. What have you sprayed onto the blue card Tina?  It make it look like a night sky.

I do think these easel cards are special, who would not enjoy this Birthday card?  Great makes Tina, thanks for joining in.

The last card for today is from Marjorie, this is the one that my computer ate!!! Maybe it has a thing for "cuisses de grenouille".  Great card Marjorie- what fun.

Please do not worry if you have not seen your creations displayed yet, ALL photo's have been re-taken and will be posted onto the blog this week.


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