Busy Ribbon Bee

I have been a very busy ribbon bee this weekend and have completed a lot of items on my "To Do List" - oh yes I am a list girl!

We have 5 NEW embroidery kits to take to Paris next week. I started a couple of them before Christmas, but I think I had lost my embroidering mojo, they were all wrong and nothing flowed. But this weekend everything fell into place, here is a sneak peak. 

Fingers crossed everyone will like them and we will sell out in Paris.  It is a year since I launched any NEW kits so maybe I will have lost my touch.

By the way I have been experimenting with our NEW Seam Binding Ribbon - WOW what fantastic ribbon.  You can embroider with it - yeh!  Making wonderful large full blooms, perfect for cushions, and because it dyes you will be able to match it to any colour - whooopie!

Who is going to be the lucky lady, nope nearly forgot, you all wanted to share this weeks prize.  So there are 4 winners who will be playing with this awesome ribbon soon. 31 different colours to each winner, it is going to take me ages to select each of the 4 bundles making sure they all tone.  I have a better idea, I will cut all 124colours then ask Sydney to count out 4 piles of 31 this evening, she will enjoy doing that, although she is almost as particular with colours as I am!!!!!  How she gets on at school when her teacher tells her to use "purple" paint, I can almost hear her saying "That's not purple, it is lupin".  What have I done.

So who are the winners? 4 winners requires 4 numbers pulled from our "Bingo" bag. I have been having a problem of late, getting the gang to pick the numbers each week, it has become a battle of wills.  This week I had it all planned - lollipops from the sweet treat photo shoot, it worked a treat!!

The winners are.....

Number 9 = Yvonne
My vote is for sharing the fun and the seam binding goodness. They're too beautiful not to share.

Some ideas I've seen people use on their cards and other papercraft projects which I think would be fun to try are to add colour to the seam binding with Twinkling H2O's or Distress inks. If you want to spread the colour you can also spritz with water... looks amazing - perfect for vintage cards or projects with elegance.

Number 24 = Kathleen
It would be wonderful to share these new ribbons...and try them on crafty projects.

Number 26 = Louise
 would LOVE some of those please. Ivory is always a good colour for me because this ribbon is made from rayon so I can dye it for the miniature dolls.

Best wishes,

Number 39 = Anne
Happy Friday all, if the ribbons were shared you could have more winners.... Good Luck everyone x 

 Well done girls, all you have to do is email us your address to craftyribbons@gmail.com and we will be sending your awesome Seam Binding Ribbon bundles.

Sweet Treat time, WARNING these next photo's could damage your diets, they are full of sugary sweet treats!

Dorothy always sends in a Pandora's box of goodies, but this time her grandchildren came to visit on the day the Challenge was launched and she missed it.  But as you all know I am not very good at counting, so managed to persuade Rachie to make up an extra selection of ribbons so Dorothy could join in - hugs Rachie.

A ribbon cupcake - now no calories there Dorothy.

A little bit more tempting with these favour boxes, filled with iced gems and decorated with cut outs from the cupcake ribbon.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is called a gate fold card - perfectly tied with cupcake ribbon.

Oooh I have seen large framed pictures of the ribbon crinoline ladies, what a clever idea Dorothy to make a miniature version.

If only it was that easy Dorothy. But at least our cupcake ribbon is ZERO calories!

This is a clever card, the centre cupcake slides up and down along the centre line.  I had a sneak peak at the workings and i am sure it has something to do with two 1p coins, is that right Dorothy.

We took this muffin ribbon to Paris in November, it also comes in pink and brown - we sold out!  We knew it was a winner.

Thank you Dorothy, once again your pandoras box has enchanted and pleased us all. If you want to induldge in some Sweet Treat Ribbons you can find them all HERE.


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