Challenge # 8 Goodies

I have wanted to show you these goodies all week, I have been bursting with excitement - we even have a Christmas monkey!!!  We hope you enjoy the creations our talented Challenger crafters have made, using our NEW Christmas Selection Box, as much as we have. 

This parcel from Amanda arrived the morning we left for holiday, I only popped into the office to pick something up, but by the time I opened up the parcel and did all the ooooing and ahhhing we almost missed the boat!!

Amanda used 12 of the 26 ribbons from the selection box. I have this hanging in my office, I promise it will make it onto the exhibition stand - honest.  All the letters have been hand drawn with faux stitching, just love it.

Jan missed a couple of challenges because she was rushed into hospital, so glad you are back - we missed you.

I have no idea how you did these trees Jan, but they are wicked.  I do hope the detail comes out in the photo.

I am a sucker for snowflakes and snowmen, I think this ribbon snowman is so cute.  Brilliant idea for the large trees Jan, they mimic the smaller ones on the ribbon below - clever.

Leigh is solely responsible for getting me into card making, I am in awe of all her craft goodies.  These baubles are new Leigh!

Is this is a zig zag or is it called a pop up card?  What ever it is called, it's adorable.

The detail on this stamp is amazing, Leigh has put red glitter on Santa's hat on the card above.

This card has a surprise on the inside......

Amazing, such great fun.

Linda and Cath said they had so much fun with this Challenge.

I had not thought of cutting the little hats out - what a great idea.

Linda and Cath wanted to keep simplicity in mind with their creations this time, to encourage others to create their own "masterpieces" with ribbon.  I adore the baubles on the tree!

Maggie this backing paper could have been made for our ribbons, what a perfect combination.

This card is scrummy Maggie and uses lots of ribbon!!!

Maggie made this Christmas Monkey - he is a sock monkey!!! I know he is going to be popular, I put him on the side after I photographed him, went to set up the next card and monkey had gone... just disappeared.  I found him giving Sam a cuddle.  Sam is my little nephew.

Margaret said she was going to try something different for this challenge - using 20 different ribbons on 1 card fits the bill!!!

This card is also different Margaret - the card is made from acetate with a very touchable (oh it's gorgeous) vellum insert, the wording is raised. The snowman ribbon has then been layered onto card and stuck to the front of the card...... ummmmm I like!!

Two little tags or they could be ATC's.

Margaret I think you achieved your goal.  You can see all the way through this card.  The snow on the tree is almost like ice with a twinkle!

Marjorie has been in every challenge we have launched, she thought Challenge # 7 was the best, but I think she has changed her mind to # 8!!

Flicking through a magazine last year she came across our Gingerbread ribbon, she ordered a roll, started following our new blog and she got hooked!!

When Marjorie received the email to say she was on our first ever Ribbon Challenge she panicked!!! She thought her cards were not good enough. Marjorie your cards are wonderful we love them.


Marjorie this is my favorite card, the colours just shout christmas.  I would be over the moon to receive this card.

Tracey and Paul have also been on every one of our challenges.  Tracey found us while trying to find a box to put her ribbons in.  She came across our ribbonboxes and has been hooked since!! I love the way the ribbons have been put onto white card then mounted onto the bright red, it really makes the ribbons stand out.

I don't normally know which card is made by Tracey and which one is made by Paul.  BUT this time I do.  Paul made this card above, it's huge, I had to add extra boxes to my back drop!!  It uses 8 different ribbons and is wicked.

If you missed the first batch of goodies from ribbon Challenge # 8 you can see them HERE.  Part of this challenge was to decorate the sleeve of the selection box, these I will share with you next week.

I started writing this post at just gone 10 this morning, it's taken me a little while.  Not sure whether it will appear before or after Friday Freebies, (Will have to wait and see!)  but I am having so much fun reading your comments, you are all so kind.  I love my ribbons, I love playing with ribbons, I love sharing my ribbons... that's me!

Have a great weekend, Tony and I are off to Salcombe in Devon tomorrow.  I have a new toy for my camera, and I want to have a play with it.  So thought taking pictures  of boats would be fun, assuming it does not rain!

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