Easter is not a good time, if you are a self confessed Chocoholic.  I have eaten so much chocolate in the past, that 5 years ago I became allergic to it - it makes me very ill, boo hoo.  Thankfully, I can now be around other chocoholics without being tempted, and can even buy it for others!  But what are you given at Easter........ nothing - not one prezzie.  I have been sulking in my play room all day Frown

Marjorie sent a couple of cards to us last week, and they use our ribbons!  Thank you Marjorie, they are fantastic, I love the Chocolate one.


Natalie decided to decorate the box that her challenge ribbons arrived in.  She has entered it into this weeks challenge at PBSC, which is to make a Gift.  Good luck Natalie, it is stunning.


"Spring Time" ribbons are now on the website, (I know I am somewhat bias, BUT I do think these ribbons are stunning and so fresh).  The balance of the ribbon challenge cards were waiting for me when I got back from France, so all cards will be posted tomorrow.  The cards are gorgeous and I am excited that they will all go on display in Belfast next week. 

These "Spring Time" ribbons are such great value. They start from 45p per mtr for a 10mtr roll, or if you only want a couple of mtrs - 2mtrs for £1 A Spring Time Bargain!!

Enjoy the rest of today, oh and your chocolates....

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