Christmas Holiday Film

I love this ribbon, I do, I do, I do,  How I have managed to keep it a secret for almost half a year I have no idea!!  There are 3 sweet little penquins a father like snowman, waving and having fun in the snow all captured on film.

When I came up with the idea they all thought I was a little mad in the office - "what, a film strip with pictures on ribbon, why?"  It was not until I put the first mock up together that the penny dropped.  It is a unique ribbon and once again EXCLUSIVE to us....yeah!

There are six different images which are repeated along the length of the ribbon.  The ribbon is 38mm satin and is printed on one side only, cut it, chop it and stick it.  Look at the detail of the printing there are little arrows and x xx's as on real film. I can assure you I was not the most popular bunny in the ribbon print room when this design was being transferred to ribbon!

As you all know I am NOT a card maker, so this design is very simple.  I have teamed it up with another new ribbon (sadly not exclusive to us)  The Merry Christmas is slightly padded and comes on a string with about 6 merry christmas's to a mtr. It comes in gold as well and you can find it HERE. I mounted the Merry Christmas onto Black Grosgrain ribbon from our Basics to Go collection HERE.  A few 3D foam pads behind to raise it from the card and I was done.

This Film Strip Ribbon can be found HERE it is being delivered this week, so we are taking Pre-orders for despatch week commencing 22nd August.  If you placed an order yesterday (thank you to all those wonderful people that did, we broke a day record for August!) and you would like this ribbon, just order in the normal way and we will despatch in one go. Do not forget the free postage by answering the question in the side bar.

Phew!  It is hard work sharing secrets when you have struggled to keep them under wraps for so long.

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