Christmas is coming....

It is, it is, it is..... For months we have been working hard on a range of ribbons that are EXCLUSIVE to Crafty Ribbons, and all this week we are going to be showing what we have created. To start our with we have......

Wooo hooo - this ribbon is awesome (even though I say so myself!)  We have never seen anything like it before, it was designed with card makers in mind, the little tags can be cut out and used individually. There are six different Santa tag designs, all running along the length of the ribbon.

Not only are there tags in this collection but we have also designed Happy Christmas Ribbon - yes I did say HAPPY!!  This is one of the hardest worded ribbons to find, Merry is all over the place but Happy Christmas - very elusive!

The Happy Christmas ribbon has tiny little stitches running down the edge of the ribbon that match the stitching on the tags perfectly.  The ribbon is available in toning colours for the Santa tags we have Sherry, Tan and Willow as shown in my card.

BUT that is not all...................we have Snowmen tags.

Six different cheeky snowmen designs, we have also added the Nile coloured Happy Christmas ribbon to compliment the snowmen colours.  But you can also use the Tan, Sherry and Willow ribbons, all 4 colours blend perfectly.

Want a Christmas cake that is different this year?  At 63mm wide this ribbon will be perfect for your cakes, and look no one can see my messy icing!!!! Each metre of tag ribbon has about 28 tags, so plenty for you to be creative with.

But that is not all............we have Gingerbread Tags

How could we design a Christmas range without Gingerbread boys and girls. Once again six different designs to include a gingerbread house, star cookies as well as the gingerbread guys!

For the Gingerbread collection we also add a Ginger Happy Christmas ribbon for that extra zing, but the Tan, Nile and Willow also team up beautfully.

Not into cardmaking or cake making - then this ribbon can simplly be used for wrapping.  Back the tag ribbon with double sided tape and stick to some card and cut around the tag.  Hole punch and thread with the co-ordinating satin 3mm ribbon.........yes we think we have thought of everything!

Do you like it?  Oh we do hope so, this is more then just a ribbon collection, there is a little bit of every team member in this collection.

You can find ALL this collection HERE.  We are taking PRE-ORDERS, as it is not due into the warehouse until later this week.  But to be honest we could not keep our mouths shut any longer - we were bursting. DO NOT forget this ribbon is EXCLUSIVE to Crafty Ribbons.

All week we are going to be showing you a different Christmas Ribbon 2011 Collection..........yes there will be more!!!

Is it too early to say "Happy Christmas" - no - not with ribbon.

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