Crafting for Gold - Closing Ceremony

The last day, all those weeks of preparation and planning and it is almost over.  We hope you have enjoyed our Crafting for Gold event. We would like to thank all our design girls for coming up with a super collection of creations and to Sydney and Mollie for helping Ali with the last week, and to Mandy for organising and posting on the Inspiration blog.  Last but not least a massive thanks to our sponsors. who have given  super prizes every day. 

To go out with a bang we have a whacking £25 voucher, from your one and only......................

................that's right £25 , so get yourself over to the Inspiration blog and leave your details here .

What better way to end this event than with a card made by Andrea for the Saddle Stitch Challenge, it is just so PERFECT in so many ways.

Thank you Andrea, this card is amazing.

We did have a little surprise for a certain little girl yesterday.....................

......................her own gold medal, a real GOLD medal for all the fantastic help and support she gave her Auntie Ali.

Look it even has her name on it!!

Our last "thank you" of this ceremony goes to YOU, for all your support and comments.  Each day you have come to visit us, leaving a comment if you had time, some of you just passing through and scanning the pics (we all do that!).  But you have been there, which is what counts.

Thanks Guys.

Tony, Ali and Team CR

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