Friday FREEBIE - 21

Will you be needing one of these today?

Is it going to rain or not? Just to be on the safe side why not take an umbrella with you......we have added 12 NEW fun Summery colours to our Umbrella range of grosgrain ribbons. With colours to match any of the summer events, Ascot - Hot Pink, Wimbledon - White Pastels, Isle of Wight Festival - Turquoise there is a colour for all.  Go and have a dabble with a few umbrellas HERE.

Give you something to smile about, imagine - There I am laying flat out on my tummy in our carpark, just cleared the area of dead leaves, camera ready, set up my two little green wellies, added the first pink ribbon, then the turquoise about to place the white.....when......"What you doing Ali?" Thump as Mollie lies on the floor by my side "Mollie help" she grabs the pink ribbon, topples the wellies - "Mollie likes pink ribbon".  She gets up and walks away, I might add still holding her new ribbon!!!   The pains and troubles I have to go through to photograph ribbons!!!

Would anyone like some Umbrella Ribbon?  We have two WANT IT ALL Collections for this weeks Friday FREEBIE prize - 16mtrs in each collection all 1mtr long.  If you do then you know what to do - that's right leave us a comment and we will pick the two winners from our "Bingo" bag on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend, and we really hope you will not need those umbrellas this Bank holiday weekend!

If you are unable to leave a comment due to our spam filters, please email it to and we will add it for you.  All the comments go into our "Bingo" bag and we draw a random number(s) on Tuesday.
Please check back to see if you have won, it is up to you to claim your prize - we do not contact you.

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