Friday FREEBIE - 23

Wow our Christmas selection meeting was tough on Wednesday, although all the Christmas trimmings made it fun.  Tony kept his bah humbug hat on throughout the meeting while clutching his calculator, which at one stage looked as if it was smoking!!!  "Do we really need THAT MUCH?"  Yes, yes, yes we all shouted.

That's it Christmas is all sealed and we now await delivery, and have we found some corkers for you.  Every year I say this is our best Christmas Ribbon Collection EVER, but this year............................................Simply the Best.

I noticed a calm in the warehouse yeaterday, everyone seemed to be relaxed and almost relieved (well all apart from Tony), so now we can enjoy our......

.................wooopie! Sandcastles, ice creams, buzzy bees, flip flops, kiss me quick, sunglasses everything you will need on your summer holiday. All on ribbon of course! Almost 60 different designs in super summer colours.

I am being a little bit naughty, these ribbons are not due on the website until next week, are all so good to me..............I wanted you to see them first. I just love the sandcastle ribbon above, and it comes in another colour.

So who wants some Summer Holiday ribbon?  Nobody? Oh goodie I can keep it all to, thought not. Sixty summer ribbons for this weeks prize, think we will share, don't you?  Three prizes with 20 ribbons each (I promise I will cut an extra sandcastle ribbon so you get one each).

Leave a comment and we will pick the winners from our "Bingo" bag on Monday.

To all our Button Challengers, I must apoligise that I have not shared your creations, I do feel really bad about it.  They have all now been photgraphed and what a super aray of buttonness. What with illness, Christmas and lack of Mojo, I have got a little bit behind. But next week...............I am declaring it a "Button Week", no matter what.  I just hope Mojo returns over the weekend so I can come up with a Button Hello wednesday project! Maybe it has been away on it's Summer Holiday or got scared away by all this Christmas talk!

Have an awesome weekend, enjoy the rain.  If you are coming to the Isle of Wight Festival, DO NOT forget your umbrella!

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Please check back to see if you have won, it is up to you to claim your prize - we do not contact you.

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