Friday FREEBIE * 3

It is that time of year again when we produce our little leaflets to hand out at exhibitions and to thank you for your orders.  We do this twice a year, to keep things fresh.  I wanted to try something a little bit different this year, and spoke to the printers yesterday to make sure they could print it - yes no problem when can we have the artwork.   Ummm, aaaaaa, the black and white text on the reverse, tomorrow (ie today!) BUT the photos of the ribbons for the front.........................we have not even received them yet.

There was a little mess up at the factory, we got all excited when we had a delivery this week, expecting to find our NEW exciting ribbons only to open the box and find FEATHERS! Tony came in at just the wrong moment "Who ordered feathers, why do we want feathers?".  We all looked blankly at him " not me!"

Anyway, our printers have confirmed that we can get our new leaflets in time for our Paris exhibition if we get the photos to them for Thursday.............come on DHL deliver our parcel, and please, please Mr Customs man, do not hold up our delivery.  Nice thoughts everyone.

At Hobbycrafts last November we met up with Andrea, Sharon and Mel, they came to see us so many times we lost count.  On one occasion I gave them some of our cow print ribbon to have a play with.  I received this wonderful email this week..........boy have they played.

Andrea loves the Tatty Teddy collection (so does Rachie!).  Look Tatty is playing with the ribbons as well.

Ooooh this card is so cute. 

Wow look at the design on the candle.  Tatty tells us to be candle safe and remove the ribbon before lighting it.

I think this brooch is my favorite, and think it would look stunning on a denim jacket.

Thank you girls for sharing your creations, I am really pleased to hear you enjoyed playing with the ribbons.  You can find the cow print range here

Would anyone else like some cowprint ribbons to play with?  Just leave a comment and we will pick two winners on Monday.  There are still unclaimed prizes from last weeks Friday FREEBIE, so please check it out.  Any problems with Henry (Sorry I have given him a name) our over active and very hungry spam filter, he likes nothing better then eating comments.  Just email  your comment to and we will add it for you.

What ever you are doing this weekend, we hope you have fantastic time.



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