Friday FREEBIE - 8

Do you remember this cheeky little chappie from last Easter......

....he caused Bev such a problem.  We ran out way before Easter, but we had customers ringing up because they could not find it on the website.  A lot of ladies were so desperate to get more of the design, one even burst into tears when Bev told her we had sold out.  Another told Bev that it was a total disgrace that we had sold out of the ribbon BEFORE Easter.....umm that's what we do....sell ribbon!

Anyway we have NEW stocks of this chick ribbon you can find it HERE......BUT we have purchased ALL the stock the manufacturer had.......THERE WILL BE NO MORE, EVER!

Oh no we still have two unclaimed prizes from last weeks Friday FREEBIE - does this mean we should stop the Friday giveaways?  Naahh that would not be nice, maybe Kara and Ros have been away for half term. Our half term has gone exceptionaly well, but I think Bev is still looking forward to Monday morning!

I am in a bit of a dither this morning I woke up with a stonking headache and can not decide what the Friday FREEBIE prize should be..... so how about a "Take your pick" would you like a collection of Easter ribbons including the cheeky chick or maybe you are a Hello Kitty fan and would like to get your hands on the new designs (as well as others), or why not go for 1 of your 5 a day with the NEW Fresh delivery of Strawberries.  What ever you decide we will give you a nice collection to play with.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts and we will pick the winner on Monday. - "Take your Pick".

Have a awesome weekend everyone.


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Please check back to see if you have won, it is up to you to claim your prize - we do not contact you. 

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