Friday FREEBIE - A bunch of Roses

We had a fun day in Scotland yesterday it was great to meet so many blog readers and facebook followers.  It is always good to be able to put faces to names.  Carol brought me her ribbon challenges goodies, a delightful....................nope not going to tell you, you will have to wait and see.  I will say that she has used a technique that I have not seen on any creations I have photographed.  That will get you guessing!

I did get into a little bit of bother with a customer, she had come to purchase the Vintage Rose Collection from the stand................but......... I do not have it on the stand.  It is so NEW that the girls just did not have time to cut it into lengths and put the header cards on the ribbons, to be honest I am not sure they could have found space for it either!!!  But a quick call to the warehouse and the customer will be getting the ribbons tomorrow and she did not have to worry about carrying them home.

Is there anyone else who would like a WANT IT ALL Collection of Vintage Rose Ribbons?


If you do then just leave us a comment and you could be picked from our "Bingo" bag on Monday.  Please refresh your screen after leaving a comment, just to make sure Henry our spam filter has not eaten it.

Todays selection of Challenge goodies are from Claire and Uta.  Both have choosen the pink bundle of Washing Line ribbons.

This ribbon says it all Claire, what a wonderful use of buttons, tags and ribbons.

I do like the way you have used the double line of ribbons on your cards Claire, very unique.

I wondered if anyone would try cutting the washing line out.  Very skillfully done Claire? although I do think the star of this card is your Twin stitching - perfect.

Oooh the saddle stitch ribbon looks great Claire with the grass poking out, super card.

The next collection of goodies are from Uta and she has joined us from Germany.

Uta your dummy ribbon and holder is perfect, what a clever idea.  With your layered ribbon card, the combo whould make a great gift for a new mum.

Thank you Claire and Uta, your creations are fantastic and are hanging on the front of our exhibition stand here in Glasgow.  I do think you should change the name of our stand from  "Crafty Ribbons" to "The Ooooooh................Ahhhhhhhhh" stand!!

Have a great day everyone.



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