Friday FREEBIE- lets shout

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Happy Friday everyone.
I want to shout, I really want to shout about ribbon!

But sadly I have Laryngitis again and am only able to croak!
I am getting truly fed up of it know.
I worked out yesterday that I have been without a voice for 56 days this year.
But what really upsets me the most is – my 3 little crafting buddies can not understand me.

So who will do some shouting for me?
Shout about how much you like using ribbon on your creations.
Which is your favourite ribbon of choice?

Please leave me a comment and tell me what ribbons you like to use.
I will put a special collection of goodies together as todays Friday FREEBIE prize.

So simply add your name to the list and leave me a comment as to what your
Special collections of goodies would be!

No hotel room this week….yeah!

So random org has picked last weeks Friday FREEBIE winner.


Number 20 = Audrey

It would have to be a pink cat for me! My granddaughter would love it. Audrey

That sounds a wicked choice Audrey, congratulations. Please email Bev with your address details
and she will post you all the goodies I promised.
You have until Thursday 17th April to claim your prize.

Have a great weekend, and do pop by and visit next week, we have something special planned.

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