Hello Wednesday - Bowdabra

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all down hill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

I have a new gadget, I must admit that where ribbon is concerned I am not normally into gadgets, much preferring to do it myself.  But when I saw this NEW Mini Bowdabra, I had to have one. 

The Mini Bowdabra makes not just mini bows but big bows as well.  I was really impressed with it, so much so that we have decided to stock a bowmaker! At long last I hear you shout.

As I have said this Bowdabra impressed me so much that I thought I would show you how easy it is to use.  Inside the box you get the Bowdabra bowmaker, Bowdabra wand and instructions.

Gather all the bits around you, Bowdabra and wand, scissors and ribbon.  You can use ANY ribbon, narrow to wide - wire edged to satin, it is up to you.

Place a narrow ribbon into the Bowdabra, this is the ribbon that will hold your bows together.  Our Magic cord (HERE) works perfectly, and you get the extra bonus of the twiddles!

Place your bow ribbon in the slot of the bowmaker.

Make the first loop of the ribbon and take the ribbon back through the slot.

Make a loop on the other side and pass it through the slot again.  You can continue to make as many loops each side as you wish.  You can even change ribbon colours, just keep building up the loop layers.

The Bowdabra comes with a wand.  This helps scrunch the ribbons together in the centre to firm a tight knot.  Not really needed on a simple bow like this one, but with a big loop bow it is of great help.

Once you are happy with the number of ribbon loops, tie a knot in the centre of the narrow ribbon making sure it is really tight.


Remove from the Bowdabra.  The centre ribbon does not have to be the front of the bow, you could use it to tie the bow to a parcel or a hair grip.

I really have put this bowmaker through it's paces, I have used everything I could think of for the centre ribbon, from 3mm satin to eyelash, magic cord, wire and even wider ribbons.  It is a very versatile little gadget. If you would like to add a mini Bowdabra to your craft room then you can find them by clicking HERE.

Happy bowmaking.....


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