Hello Wednesday - It's a wrap

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

A very simple project for today, it may be simple but I think makes a perfect enhancement!

I did say it was simple!!

I knotted two pieces of ribbon together, starting from the top at the back of the vase I just wrapped the ribbon around the vase to the front. Twisted the ribbon at the front and then took the ribbons back round to the back again.

I just carried on down the vase and then tied a bow at the bottom. Simple.

Tony and I were out of the office all day yesterday, we had purchased some new ribbon racking (well new to us).  The one thing our warehouse is short of is racking, we have tons of ribbon but struggle to put it anywhwere. Anyway we bought this racking online and thought that we would go and collect it together, a nice day out.  We used our lorry with its tail lift, I had made a pile of sandwiches and a big flask and we set off at 5.30 on our little adventure expecting to be back in the warehouse about tea time.

Well................we have never worked so hard..........................every part of my body aches.......even places I didn't know I had!!!! It turned out to be 3 tonnnes that needed dismantling, and loaded onto the lorry.  I have never given up on something before but I came so close yesterday. There was no joy when the final shelf cross bar had been banged out and loaded onto the lorry.  We were both exhausted and we still had to drive home. What had started as a little adventure had turned into a nightmare.

It was a very quiet drive home, neither of us had the energy to speak and the knowledge that we had to off load when we got back was tormenting us.  As we pulled into Tin Pot Lane at about 8.30, with the thought of manhandling 3 tonnes again, I really didn't think we could do it.  The lorry HAD to be emptied, it is always in use.

As we rounded the corner to our unit, there were 3 people standing waving at us, I could have cried.  Rachie, her husband Marten and little Mollie had all come to help.  Rachie had a cup of tea waiting for us, the loading bay door open and a big space had been cleared to put the shelving in. It still took all of us 2 hours, but it was much more fun.  Mollie loved riding up and down on the tail lift and Rachie kept us topped up on teas.  Thank you guys you were amazing. What team work.

As I missed Mondays and yesterdays buttonness delights I thought I would do some today.


I love your wacky cake Vicki.

The button detail just makes it extra special.

This is really special, the effect is so unusual Vicki.

I think the tree has been stamped then enhanced with glossy accents, before the buttons and gems were added.  Am I correct Vicki?

These tower earings are wicked Laura and such fun. It is great how you have created the ombre effect.

Wow a matching bracelet, such neat stitching Laura and a button hole.  Well impressed - I got my button hole foot out for my new sewing machine at the weekend.  I looked and looked at it, naaarh and decided my project did not really require a button hole after all!!!!

I think this card is so elegant Laura, and a great idea to use wire to secure the buttons, it makes a change from stitching them.  I haven't taken a photo of the inside (sorry) but Laura has used a strip of matching ribbon to cover the wire ends. Looks stunning.

Thanks to Vicki and Laura for todays buttonness.

I can not do any more typing even my hands and fingers ache!!

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