Hello wednesday–Advent Bunting

I think you are wonderful – thank you for such kind comments and emails about my new ribbons.
I do go through horrid moments when I believe that no one will buy my ribbon designs.

The first to order the NEW Vintage Christmas Past range was a lady in New Zealand and the second came from France.

I do have an awful habit of stalking the website after I have launched new ribbons – maybe I need to seek help.
But then Tony is always informing me I am beyond help!

So a massive thank you to everyone that has ordered our new ribbons.

Our DT girls and I have been playing with the ribbons for a few weeks, so do keep your eyes on all our other blogs and Facebook page,
to see what we are creating.

This is wednesday and it is Hello wednesday, so let me show you this.
before I show it to you, the answer is no.

No you can not have my sample, no I will not make one for Bev, Rachie, Sydney or Mollie.

BUT  Sam has not asked for one………….………I jut may!

advent bunting 3

Advent Bunting using the wide Christmas tag ribbon as the pockets to hold the prezzies.

advent bunting

I do not normally say this about my creations – but this is wicked.
I am going to keep this for myself!!

I used our wonderful French linen fabric to make the pockets, it teams up with the vintage script on the ribbons.
Bias binding - I made mine in one long length, but you could divide it into 2 or 3 sections.
(I am thinking of attaching it to our wooden staircase)

Advent number ribbon – you can not make it without this ribbon! I machined mine in place but you could hand stitch it or stick it.

Vintage Christmas Past Tag ribbon – I used all three designs, Santa, Nisse and Christmas and just mixed them up.

I have put everything together here if you want to make your own.  It is not a kit, just the ribbons and the bias binding.
If you think it should be a kit, please do let me know.

While writing this post, I have decided to make another one………………
……but who for.  Tee hee.

Have a great day

free postage £15

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