Hello wednesday - Tea Towel Aprons

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

I do, I do, I do love tea towels.....not for drying up silly!!! Look what I have made........


I promise you, these aprons have been made from Tea Towels. They come in such wicked colour combos now and are still relatively cheap.  I picked up this pack of three when I went shopping with Bev the other week.  Three tea towels £3.20 - from you guessed it- Wilkinsons. Sadly I went back with Rachie last Thursday to get some more but they had sold out......but they had some fab NEW ones in......and according to the sales assistant they have some cupcake ones coming in for May.

I folded each tea towel in half lengthwise, and cut off 15cm from the bottom - this makes the pocket section on the other aprons.  With the tea towels still folded I cut away the curve for the arms, don't throw away the cut out bits, they are used to make the hearts!

I also cut away the tea towel seam on the sides and the top edge of the aprons.  Next I laid the pockets on top of each apron and pinned in place. 

I drew a few hearts and cut them from the waste arm sections and also pinned in place.  I like hand sewing, so using 3 strands of embroidery thread I sewed around the hearts with running stitch.

For the hearts on the pockets I used blanket stitch, once again using three strands of embroidery thread. To jolly things along, I hand stitched the top edge of the pocket and then the vertical line to divide it into two pockets.  All of this could be done by machine to save time.

It is a long time since I have used bias binding (if you ever ring the warehouse and are speaking to Rachie, ask about the Bias Binding - she wants to call it Boris Binding and gets real tongue tied trying to work it out!!!).  As I had not used Bias Binding (you can find Bias Binding HERE) for so long, I thought I should tack it around the edges of the apron before sewing it on the machine.

The bias binding went around all the edges like a dream.  By the third apron I didn't even bother with the tacking stitches, just pins.

For the apron strings and head loop I used our NEW Twill which can be found HERE.  It comes in some really fun colours and were perfect for my aprons.

Our three little ones are not very keen on things being put over there heads, so I made a simple loop in the end of the webbing and attached a few coloured buttons for the head loop.

That's it - three little aprons from 3 fun tea towels, a few lengths of webbing, colourful bias binding and a couple of buttons.  I did enjoy making these.  Sam was not toooooo keen on his but Mollie and Sydney love theirs.

Really excited going on holiday tonight - catching the night ferry from Harwich. A executive cabin awaits us.Tony pushed the boat out so to speak and upgraded us, think it means we get a kettle, sorry that should read Tea and Coffee making facilities!

Have fun while I am away, don't be surprised if you hear from me - i'm sneaking my computer into the car.

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