Hello wednesday - all my love

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

We had a visit from Janet our local blog follower on Monday.  She brought us a cake decorated with dolly mixtures.  Yum yum all gone Janet, we loved it thank you.  Janet just popped round to make sure we were all ok after last weeks little drama.  While chatting she asked if I was planning on giving any Valentine ideas.  Oooooh, err, ummmm...........not really an answer.  But I got to thinking Monday night, and came up with a few card sketches (does anyone else sketch their ideas?).

This card looks nothing like any of my sketched ideas!!! But I do really like the cleanness of the design, it works for me.

The buttons came from our Hearts Hearts Hearts button box here.  I used six stranded embroidery thread to sew the buttons to the card and then simply tied a knot and fanned out the threads. I used three different sized buttons all in the same colour.  There are lots of different shaped hearts in the button box, in a selection of colours, so you can have a good old play.

The paper is from a collection I bought in France, in a wonderful scrapbooking shop. Tony hates visiting the little village as they have opted to keep the French driving law that cars entering a roundabout or joining a road at a junction have RIGHT OF WAY.


The "all my love" ribbon is a NEW Design and can be found here. I wrapped some more embroidery thread around the card, and used the ribbon to scrunch the threads together with a simple knot.  I adjusted the ribbon a few times until I managed to get the ribbon words in the right place.

The all my love ribbon comes in a small selection of colours, I do like these ones as well..................

Come and join me tomorrow to see what I made with the red ribbon.

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