Hello wednesday - happy birthday

Don't you just LOVE wednesday's? Say hello to wednesday  "hello wednesday" It's all downhill from now on to the weekend - yippee!!!

The next birthday in our family is little Sam he will be 4 next month - this card would be perfect for him.

Filled with colour and fun.  As you can see very simple to make and I used the ribbons from one of our January Sale Packs.

I used all the ribbon colours, the red ribbon had fallen on the floor and I did not spot it until I was almost finished, hence why there is only one piece of red ribbon!  All these ribbons are £1, yes the pack is £1 for all of January or while stocks last.  You can find it here.

We had a massive push on the orders this week, yes both Tony and myself helped out.  Tony processed them all through the computer system and I was in charge of packing and labeling them.  I secretly like working in the despatch deptment (ooh that sounds very grand).  As a little girl I always wanted to run a Post Office - stamps and stickers and things!!  With ALL of us on the case, we have cleared the back log of orders and are now back to our normal 2-3 day despatch time.  Phew!!!

I must share a little something with you...........

...............on Monday I looked after Mollie after pre-school.  Rather then taking her home, we both ascended to my craft room in the warehouse.  Ok Mollie what would you like to do. "Crafting" was her simple reply, oh silly me!  So I sat her down in my chair and got her paper, scissors and the normal bits.

I stood by the side of her and made the Birthday card above.  When I finished I set up my camera and took a few photos, "what you doing Ali?".  I explained what I was doing and why, and let her see the images on the screen as I changed the lights, asking which photo she preferred.

I went back to tidying up my ribbons and putting everything away (a new year resolution - how long will it last?).  "Ali, finished.  Picture it".  Ummm you want me to take a photo of your card  "yes".

Mollies card - aged 3.

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