Hello wednesday–look what’s hatched

say helo to wednesday 405

I have been playing………

hello wednesday

It does not look very big here  but it is…..

door stop

I designed it for a door stop, I used our Basics 2 Go heart buttons here
……I sneaked a new range of ribbons onto the website without telling you yesterday.

spring owl header

Our spring Owls have hatched! Find the little cuties here

The Christmas owls were so popular that we were asked to design a spring version.
But we had a bit of a dilemma – I designed this ribbon……..

owls brown long

but the next morning I came into the warehouse with this…….

owls coloured long

Oooooh err which design to print.
Our little team were undecided and a complete draw for both.
So I asked the design team girls, hoping to get a definite decision as to which to print.

UNCONCLUSIVE was the out come – so we printed both colours!

I would love to know which is your favourite – do tell by leaving us a comment.

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