Hello wednesday–sewing bug

Little Mollie (my 6 year old niece) was in the office when I was making my walkaway dress.
She was so desperate to use my sewing machine.  So I let her help me with a little money bag I made to go with the dress.
I put the machine onto snail speed, and she put her foot on the pedal, she guided the fabric through the needle. 
The bag was made in no time, and I went off to London not giving it a second thought.


I gather Mollie went on, and on, and on about learning to sew all week. 
In the end Rachie gave up and found a battery operated sewing machine.

I set Mollie little challenges, drawing lines at first, then shapes onto fabric that she had to follow.
I could not believe how good she was.

So there was only one thing I could think of - take her to the next level.
Making a skirt.


I showed Mollie how to pin the fabric to make the waistband (I did the ironing).  She then machined it.

Mollie wanted a pocket, so she found some of the fabric from my dress, we pinned it in place and she sewed around the edge of the fabric, (a new challenge to keep the machine foot on the edge of the fabric).
Next was the back seam, which she whizzed up.

Hem time, we pinned it together and added the jumbo ric rac, you can find it here, (another challenge) she had to sew down the centre of the ric rac without any guide lines.

We threaded elastic through the waistband and her skirt was finished.

Mollie was so happy, not sure Rachie has managed to get the skirt off her yet!!

Ali x

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