Hello wednesday–too many candles


Hello wednesday, a little later then normal but we have been having a board meeting.
Ooooh that sounds grand!

say helo to wednesday 405

I love those sweeties above – until I became allergic to chocolate.  Boo hoo. Sad smile
So this year for my birthday my sisters made me this.

cake hello wednesday 2

It was a joint family effort.
Bev made the cake……then Mollie and Rachie iced it.

Rachie said Mollie had so much fun with the sprinkles!

cake hello wednesday 1

So also said there was no enough room on the cake for all my candles.  What a cheek!!!

But that is what I designed this ribbon for.  Find it here.

Cake Ribbons - Candle

Back to our board meeting – it was a selection meeting for our NEW Christmas designs.
I do struggle to get into the “Christmas” mood this time of year.
The weather girl this morning said today could be the hottest day of the year so far….
…and I have a Christmas tree up!!

Not only that but we had a grumpy Bev arrive into work this morning.
I gather that Sydney was singing Christmas carols this morning!
All my fault apparently.

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