Hello wednesday - waves

say helo to wednesday 405

Morning everyone – guess what it is not raining yet here in Dorset today.

Another one of my drawings today, this time I made it for Mollie.
She wanted a fish.  Syd and Sam have fishes you see.

hello wed fish

The jumbo ric rac was perfect to make the waves.  Find it here

You may have wondered why I have been Zen doodling  of late.

Tony has banned ribbons and buttons from home. 
He decided that my play pen (my three seater seetee) had got out of control.

I  was then spending far too much time on my ipad, not good.
All you need for zentangle is paper, pen and pencil……………

fish drawing

that's what I started with a few weeks back!

My collection has grown to two drawing pads, several pencils.
All the widths of black pens.
Ooooh and some coloured pencils, and pens and…….

But it is fun and very easy to do.

Have a great day.

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