Jammy Winner is

Who is the jammy winner of our Friday FREEBIE?

Who will be getting their sticky mitts into our Jam pot ribbons?

No. 24 Louise

I love the idea for these jam pot ribbons. They look really scrummy! Hope I win some!

Best wishes,

Well you have won them Louise, all we need is your address please to craftyribbons@gmail.com this is a stunning collection of ribbons.  We liked the mixed fruit idea from Kim, and as for all your jammy comment - thank you.  You all left such interesting words, such wonderful comments.

Sorry if you were not the winner of the Jam Pot Ribbons but please remember the Special Offer ends tonight, click HERE for the offer. Did you know that there are 105 different ribbons in these jam pots, that's 105mtrs of drop dead gorgeous ribbons at less then 11p per mtr, bargain, bargain, bargain.

You may have thought that I had stopped showing you the goodies from our Ribbon Challenge - nope I had it all planned, taken the photos and was scheduled to do a posting of Marjories on Thursday and Beryls on Friday and the rest this week. BUT disaster struck, in the form of ME, I did the most stupid thing.  While copying over the photos from my camera SD card, instead of pressing copy, I pressed DELETE.  No, No, No, I felt sick, 922 photos had been eaten, all of them wiped out, not only photos of the challenge goodies but, 4 NEW ranges of ribbons, a NEW button range, Hello Wednesday projects - it was like I had been robbed, I couldn't talk, I was in shock.

This story does have a happy(ish) ending. After almost two days of silence, I spent saturday trying to recover the photos using a piece of amazing software from America, while waiting, which seemed to take an age (I now have no finger nails or hair, both of which took the brunt of my frustration).  I am pleased to say that I managed to recover most, but not all of the photos.  We do now have a project for this weeks Hello Wednesday and I have 4 of Marjories cards - sadly the 5th was so badly corrupted that I was unable to retrieve it, so sorry Marjorie. I will re photograph it with the batch that arrived this morning.

Anyway here goes with Marjories super duper Fun in the Sun Challenge goodies.

Oh Marjorie this card is really sweet, such detail, I adore the little sail boat tag at the top of the card.

Another stunner Marjorie, the way you have cut ot the fish to embellish the mermaid is a wicked idea.

What a great fun birthday card to receive, reminds me it is Sydneys 5th birthday this week so I will have to get a thinking.  Marjorie has used some of the scrap 3mm ribbons (you can find them HERE).  She thinks the bags are such amazing value and has been using them over and over again, perfect for tags.

Pretty card surrounded by ladybirds, love the ribbon slider Marjorie.

This is the first time Marjorie has made a brooch, it's stunning and would brighten up any jacket or would look great on a straw hat.

Once again, sorry about your other card, will re photograph it this week.  I loved my card you sent in Marjorie - it is a pleasure to look at.

I have a totally empty Sd card so I am off to take some photos!!!


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