Last Bling

Here are the final goodies from our ribbon challenge 9 -Bling Bling.  I had planned to post these from Dublin but the hotels WiFi was not working, I spent almost a week without the internet, I could not even log on using my phone!!! It is amazing how much you become reliant on everyday things without being aware of it.  So sorry to Carol and Margaret, I had not forgotten you but I was just unable to show the world your wonderful creations.

Carol I took your card to Glasgow and I had to keep a very close eye on this card and the one below.  I could have sold that stamp over and over, nobody had it at the show!

But thanks to Carol's card I sold lots of the bling ribbon for when they managed to find the stamp!!!

Wow this card is so elegant Carol, I just can not get over how versatile this velvet ribbon is, and don't forget the glitter does not fall off from the ribbon! Carol sent me a little note with her goodies  to say that she thought the ribbons were fantastic and how could I resist them? Uhmm, Carol I can resist no ribbon - you should see my warehouse, it is overflowing!

Margaret your snowman is a cutie, I love him.

This photo does not do Margarets hand bag justice. But if you come to see us at the NEC over the next 3 days you will see it hanging from the front of the stand.  Bev could not remember our stand number last night, tut tut!! Stand D44.

I love the way you have frayed the bottom of the ribbon Margaret - wicked.

Seeing Carols and now Margarets card I can see why the black and silver blings are so popular. This card is stunning.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge, you have received such wonderful comments from visitors to the stand, all the cards are coming to Paris with us.  We are unsure whether they "do" bling in France, we will have to wait and see.

Is anyone up for another ribbon challenge?  Are you in the "Christmas Mood"?  If you would like another challenge, then leave a comment and I will see what I can come up with!!!!

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