Last Day of Christmas

How can the last 12 days have flown by so quickly.

We started the 12 Days of Christmas with the stunning and unique card from Andrea, from our house to yours.
So I thought I would end the event with another of Andreas creations.


Amazing crafting Andrea. 
Has anyone worked out the cross stitch tags?
Mollie, Sam and Sydney!

The milk boxes are filled with "things" but we have not opened them yet. although Janet spied them on
her recent visit to the warehouse, and was curiously turning them over, to see
if she could get a hint of how they were made.
Crafters what are they like!!!

Andrea used lots of the Vintage Christmas Ribbons, find them all here

Please do join us again next week, we have ooddles of creations still to share from this Challenge.

Hope it is not too cold where you are, enjoy the weekend.
Happy crafting with ribbon.

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