My Princess and My Prince

Look what we have added to our Best of British Collection....................

Princess and Prince ribbons with little crowns - we think they are rather special and you can find them HERE.

Struggle to find a way of keeping all your ribbons together.  Always takes ages to find the ribbon you are after?  What ever you do with your ribbons they always seem to get knotted up?  Then Mandy may have solved your problem.....................

She has attached ALL her ribbons to washing racks!!!  She folds them up to store them and just unfolds when she needs a ribbon.  I think this is a WICKED idea, thanks for sharing it Mandy. how many washing racks do I need to buy!

More super challenge creations from Claire and Lucy today.

Claire has made this delightful bag and matching framed feet.

I have no idea how Claire made this frame, but it is just adorable.  I do love the lime juice ribbon in this Baby collection.

Lucy you have put a lot of time into this heart, I am sure any mum would be delighted to receive this little gift.

Your crazy patchwork design Lucy is wacky and fun, it can never be the wrong way up!!  We had your cushions hanging on the back wall of our exhibition stands Lucy, they created quite a stir with comments and questions.  I kept being asked if you had scented them, but each time I took them down or put them up I forgot to smell them!!!  Did you scent them Lucy?

Wonderful creations Claire and Lucy, the scope of creations we have seen on this challenge has been vast, just what we like to see.

Another bright and sunny day here in Dorset, I must leave my computer.....................I hear my camera calling me.  


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