Nautical week - message in a?

 Let me tell you a little story about todays idea.....

Sydney and I were talking and she tells me that her daddy is going to be away in Australia for Fathers Day.
So I suggested we made a card and put it in his suitcase.  No, she was not keen on that, so we chatted about
other ways of sending messages and she came up with a message in a bottle!
Hence our ribbon message in a bottle.

....and pull, pull a little more............

......or what!

Sydney was so pleased with her message for Daddy....not sure she will be able to part with it!

Just goes to show that inspiration is all around us.

I have a delivery of these tiny glass bottles due tomorrow.
Well, they are so sweet - I am going to have to do something like this for the website.
Watch this space or should that be bottle!!!


What would your message in a bottle be?
I will make a bottle just for you, leave us a comment and I will pick 3 winners on Tuesday

Remember to refresh your screen after leaving a comment,
to ensure it has not been eaten. Any problems email it to us

I have a day off - going shopping with the girls.

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