Nautical winners and more

Before I start with the list of winners from our Nautical week,
I forgot to tell you yesterday we have joined Bloglovin

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I am always the last to join these things, Mandy (our Design Team Leader) has been nagging me for weeks.
I finally got round to doing it and claiming our blog.
I must admit it is great fun and you can follow lots of different blogs, just by pressing this button.

Ok are you ready here is the list of TEN winners from our Nautical week.
You have 7 days to claim your prize.  Please email Bev with your address AND your prize details.

Beach hut kit winners are.

Oooo just thing for St Tropez if I was goin. No Gucci or other designer beech bag it will be the Severine special for my famille. Wonderfil idea, am lookin forwards to this wk.

That looks so great. Thanks for this great tutorial.
Hugs, Uta

What a cute bag, it would also make a lovely present. I love the Nautical theme, so summery. I think I will have to give this a go.

Ribbon to wrap around your home made Sea Salt Fudge - winners are.
Made another batch yesterday, it is getting addictive!

Oooo, I love fudge.  I'm going to have to try this.  Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Yummy..... Thanks for the recipe!
I would use any of the ribbons, they are awesome! I like the lighthouse one, the anchor with the ring, the sea shells... I can´t believe how cute they are!
Thanks for the chance...
Ardilla Smile

Oooh - how I love fudge.   I will definitely give this a try.   I would use nautical boat or sea shells ribbon but I don't think the fudge would stay wrapped for long.   WendY

Your own message in a bottle winners are

My message would be "Keep Calm & Eat Chocolate" - this message is a cure all for so many things!  Such a cute idea!

If I was stuck on a desert island I'd love to find a bottle with this message - along with some chocolate, of course!

This is It is a wonderful idea, Syd is such an inspiration just like you Ali. I love nautical stuff too.
I enjoyed reading the other girls comments. I think mine would  have to be for my wonderful hubby Jim, to tell him 'You are my World'. He has looked after me when I was hurt, even though he is ill himself. He is so patient in sufering, never complains. (unlike me). Hugs x x

This is such a lovely idea, weddings, births etc. I would love Ecclesiastes 3 v 1-8, A time for everything, but it is too long.  However, my niece is 18 on the 21st June, "Happy 18th Birthday" would therefore be my choice and would make a very unique present.

I love this pictureSmile

Finally the collection of Nautical ribbons go to.......

All i can say is OMG what a wonderful idea x

Hope you enjoy your prizes girls, remember you have 7 days in which to claim your prize.
(Message in a bottle winners, sorry your prizes will not leave until the end of next week.)

Talking about Messages in a bottle - they are now on the website.......tee.......hee

Find all the details here 
£6.50 with FREE UK Delivery and totally unique!

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