Ribbon Bucket winners

Well it is here - AUGUST - to some the start of the summer. For me it is the last free month before the exhibition season starts - arrrrgh.

No panic whatsoever, of course we are ready. No we would not have been silly and used our exhibition stock for orders. Of course our exhibition stand is fully stocked up and waiting for Exeter.......................Ok a girl can DREAM!!

We will be at these following exhibitions this Autumn, will you be able to come and see us?

Creative Stitches - Westpoint - Exeter 22nd - 25th September 2011

The Knitting & Stitching Show - Alexandra Palace - London 6th - 9th October 2011

Hobbycrafts - N.E.C. - Birmingham 3rd - 6th November 2011

Creation Savoir Faire- Porte Versailles - Paris 16th - 20th November 2011

We are very sorry but we will not be in Dublin this year. Both Tony and I are very sad that we can not attend, we have been in Dublin since 1996, that's 15 years of happy ribbon trading.

O.K. I have wiped my tears away, time for the Friday FREEBIE winners..........................

The first number out of the bag will get the complete set of 3 Bev's Summer Bucket Ribbons............................

ummmm more about Mollie's head dress tomorrow!

Number 2 = Judi

 Being as I'm such a 'girly' girl, it would have to be PINK for me, but I love 'em all.

The next three numbers were chosen by Mollie and her friend Lukas.  The winnere can choose either Lime, Turquoise or Shocking.........

Number 4 = Gail R

I would choose pink

...as you know who would be getting to use most of my ribbons and she's a pink lover lol

Lots already decorated with furry ribbons I doubt I'll see very much of that- sharing sometimes doesn't work in reverse I find ... where pretty things and pretty girls collide in particular... Then again maybe I'm just a soft touch lol

Not a clue where this year has gone *looks under sofa*

Number 16 = Jan Marshall

Ohhhh I love them all , fantastic as ever , I have sat an studied and tried to pick a favourite colour but I cant choose
have a great weekend
Love Jan

Number 34 = Audrey

Great ribbons, Bev - but can't we include the bucket please Ali?  I'm sure Molly won't mind sharing!
If I'm drawn out second, I'd like the pink bag or do I mean the lime bag or .... fingers crossed I'm out first!


Well done everyone, all we need are addresses please to craftyribbons@gmail.com, oooh do not forget to tell us which colour collection you want. Thank you to everyone for such super comments, great fun reading them.

A little bit of Colour Create to take my mind off the exhibtion stand.

Natalie has a unique way with her cards, they are always so perfect.

Three simple lines of ribbon add a few flowers and a button or two - pure magic.

Oh NO Natalie you have me thinking about Christmas again! What a super fun card, great colours Natalie, think you will like our NEW Christmas Ribbons. I had an email this morning to confirm the last batch of our designs are going through the factory this week. Crafty Ribbons OWN Christmas ribbons very excited. We have.............           ,               , and               , oh we have . Sorry did I just write that in invisible ink!! You will have to wait and see, not long now.


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