Ribbon Challenge # 17 - FULL

Oh Boy is it full! RIBBON CHALLENGE # 17 IS FULL

Sorry if you missed out on this challenge but there will be another one coming up soon.

We went out just after I had launched the new challenge, planning on using my phone to close it when it became full.  I listened for the bong everytime an email arrived on the phone, that's it we are full. Simple - I will just go online and close the challenge, I had done this before.  Well it would have been easy if I had remembered to charge my phone, as soon as I logged onto the internet - zip no power!!!!  Oh ******

But you are so loving our new ribbons (we thought you would) that everyone who has sent us an email will be in the challenge, we have oodles of the ribbon and I love sharing it.  I will start sending emails asking for addresses later.  Thank you for all taking the time out to join in with the challenge, I think we have some new challengers - what fun.

Where was everyone today?  We went over to Shell Beach in Studland for lunch and it was deserted, apart from the queue for the chain ferry.  After being cooped up working on the computer for most of last week and yesterday I definately needed to stretch my limbs.

We haven't been to Studland for ages, normally we go "out of season" as it gets sooooo busy. But not today.

You take a little path opposite the restaurant and you come out onto this.....

......Wow, gets me everytime.  But as you can see there is hardly anyone out.  That's Old Harry's rocks on the horizon, you can walk along the cliff top to them, is a wonderful walk, but not after lunch!

Then we think we found the reason why there was nobody on the beach......

.....they had all been eaten by the sand shark!!!

Have a great evening.

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