Ribbon Challenge # 8

If you had a sneek peek yesterday then you will know what the Mystery Ribbons were that we sent to our challengers.  We had sent them one of our brand NEW Crafty's Selection Boxes

Not sure if the bows made it through the post looking quite like this, but we did try.  Each ribbonbox had 24 narrow christmas ribbons crammed inside and 2 ribbons wrapped around to make a parcel.  Everyone in the office thought they were fantastic, but no one else had seen them, so we were eager to receive comments!  It would appear that everyone LOVES THEM!!!  It has certainly brought out some wicked christmas crafting.

Part of the challenge was to decorate the sleeve of the box - these can be viewed by clicking HERE  - These are the goodies we have received back so far.

Beryl really got into the spirit of Christmas - all her goodies were wrapped up in Christmas paper, I had a great time unwrapping them!!!

You had the girls fighting over this card Beryl! I have to ask, where did you get the gingerbread men from?

5, YEP 5! Ribbons of course, are used on this card, love the scarves, and the colours, and the snowmen, well everything!!

Beryl said she used a plain, very plain christmas tree so that she could show the beauty of Crafty Ribbons Christmas Selection. It worked, this card is stunning.

All Beryl wants for Christmas - she said this was a little bit of fun.  Can you quess what the book is made from?

 Have you guessed yet - Nope, well neither did we, BEER MATS!

We will try for you Beryl, would you like him wrapped in Ribbon?!

I know this is not a christmas card, it's a thank you card for meeee.  It came with a little prezzie wrapped in Christmas paper, I opened it a few days early.

Thank you Beryl they are truly scrummy.

Poor Carol C had trouble parting with her cards, we can see why, this little guy is adorable, I even did a close up of him!

The ribbons look great too.

You may already know (by the different snowflake ribbons we stock), but I have a snowflake thing!!! I just think they are amazing, so this card is for me.  I promise to look after it well Carol.

This project from Carol is certainly "Thinking outside the box" and it smells good!

For some reason Carol sent back an empty box!  "Honest Officer it was empty".  Yummy thank you Carol.

Look at the dinky little parcels from Carol F.  Not sure they show up in th picture, but each tag has a letter on it.  It reads Crafty Ribbons.  I did the tweeking for you Carol!!!  Carol is making some cards for us, but wanted to get these parcels in the post for our launch.  Don't forget you can see the Selection Box Sleeves HERE

Dorothy said she used every ribbon in the box at least once!!  We think she liked them.

A new ATC to add to my collection and Dream Catcher - for the last few weeks all I have dreamt about has been Christmas ribbon!!

Oh I have done this with ribbon, very easy but stunning results - Iris Folding (but without the folding!!!)

Dont worry, Santa makes it out the bottom.

This little booklet is wonderful, and yes Dorothy Sydney loved it ( She sat by the side of me taking photos of all the goodies as well!!)

Inside the booklet - amazing.

I think Natalie likes to test my balancing skills while taking photos.  Once again another awesome card, the snow looks real.

These ATC's  are really sweet, the ribbon is just the right size to go with the little images. Natalie feels as if she has got into the festive mood really quickly this year.  Don't think you are the only one Natalie!

I had a big box from Wilma, I couldn't wait to get inside.  I have heard about these acetate cards but had never seen one up close - wicked, very clever. 

Not sure they are for me, where would I hide my mistakes!!!

This gate fold card is perfect (You may have guessed, I do like this snowman ribbon).

I would be thrilled to receive a parcel with one of these tags on, they are fun.

This calendar will look great on my desk - I am sure I can find a little bit of space for it!!!

BUT not sure about the photo - tee heee!!

The hanging is fun, think I would hang it on my door, wicked images.

Christmas would just not be the same without Crackers - hand made of course!

BOO HOO! There is nothing inside!  Wilma had a little incident with the box sleeve - her grandson tried to help, and planted it on a juicy black ink pad.  OOPS sorry grandma.

All the fantastic, wonderful goodies have been made by 6 talented ladies.  We have another 10 to arrive, I know I said 15, BUT well it grew!! Only by 1 this time, Leigh is back from holiday and is having a break from wedding plans, so I added her to the list.  She placed an order today for a roll of Santa's Laundry, she just HAD to have it for her parcels!!!!  Thank you, thank you for all these projects, we enjoy them so much.

As an "Early Bird Christmas Special" if you order christmas ribbons from the website before the end of August you get an extra one free.

Normally 6 bags of Skinny Christmas for £5 - "Early Bird Special" you can choose another one FREE

Normally 6 bags of 1mtr lengths of Christmas Ribbon for £5 - "Early Bird Special" you can choose another one FREE

You do not have to do anything to get this offer, apart from choose 7 ribbons for a fiver!

That's me done for a while, I am going on holiday tomorrow, a few days in Brittany and then Chateau hopping in the Loire Valley, can't wait.  Have a great bank holiday weekend, fingers crossed for the weather.  I have told Sydney it is going to snow........  She thinks Christmas is coming!!!

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