Ribbon and Button Jewellery week - Bracelets

I think I could be the queen of bracelets.
I never used to wear them, but after my op on my thumb last August I was left with (what I thought) was a nasty scar on my wrist.

Bracelets came to my rescue, I layer them up, two or three at a time.
I love the way they move up and down my wrist - they make me smile!

So here we go, bracelet time with buttons and ribbons.

This is Seam Binding! Honest.
I wanted a vintage natural look for this bracelet,
so after going up and down our ribbon aisles for a while, dismissing all the bright ribbons.
I ended up in the seam binding section, ummmm nice colours but a little wide?

Not at all, it threaded through a normal needle, so it went through the buttons like a dream!
Find this cashmere seam binding here, and the vintage buttons here

Go on have a play with ribbons and buttons, make a bracelet and have fun jangling all day! 

Here is a little more inspiration

I made this for a Hello Wednesday project here

Laura also used seam binding to make this

Read more here

Laura loves her Neon ribbons and made this stunning bracelet

Details here

I just love this bracelet Laura made (I want one!)

Read how she did it here, buttons can be found here

I hope we have your taste buds a popping today............
......go on.........
....do a little bit of jewellery making.

You only need ribbons and buttons!


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