Silk Tulips

With the bad weather coming, I decided that I needed to finish my scarf that I had been crocheting for ages.  But it looked rather plain and not very jolly!!  So I embroidered these little red tulips using our NEW Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons.  The ribbons are a delight to work with and so easy to make these tulips.  Tony and I are off to Metz in France this evening, so this scarf will keep me extra warm.

I used the 7mm width to embroider the Tulips, just 3 simple ribbon stitches, for the leaves I used the 4mm width in green and 2 more ribbon stitches slightly longer then normal and a straight stitch for the stem.  Very very easy - why not have a go.

We have snow in Dorset!  We never have snow here!!!!!!


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