Spring time in Paris

I would like to say that Spring is here, but down in Dorset this morning it is soooooo cold.

Oh well, we do not need warm weather to make the flowers bloom around our Town House!

purple town house

A new colourway has just been finished and can be found on the website here .

It is in muted tones of lilac and purple with matching roses around the door.

We have added French instructions to our Town houses and Rose cottage kits and they now come with both

Handmade by Me Ribbon - 25mm   Fait par Moi Ribbon - 25mm

Hand made by Me and Fait par Moi labels in white.

These are ready just in time for our return visit to Paris next week for the DIY show


I am rather excited to be returning to Paris, our two normal shows are in November and February.

Spring time in Paris!  Hopefully it will still be daylight when we leave the hall in the evening.

Have fun

Ali x

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