Strawberry Barrow

Cor, I could not believe how quickly the new challenge 15 filled up yesterday.  I posted the challenge then popped out to get some cakes (Rachie was coming round for tea), all I could hear in the car was my phone beeping to say an email had arrived.  By the time I got to the cake shop I had received 8 emails!!! Aaaah I had to get all the way home again to close the challenge.  So the original 10 places has somewhat grown, all thanks to Rachie's cakes!  All the Full Bloom challenge ribbons have been cut and will be in the hands of the postman tonight.  So get your thinking caps on girls, what wonderful treasures are you going to create this time.

Friday FREEBIE time who is the lucky winner this week?  I caught Rachie sitting having a sneaky coffee break outside, so she has pulled the winning number out of our "Bingo" bag this week.

The lucky number of our Friday FREEBIE is.......

Number 22 - Sarah

Sarah Wrote "Blue is my favourite colour, gorgeous ribbons." 

Congratulations Sarah, there is a bag of your favourite coloured ribbons sat waiting for you, all we need is your address, please email us at  Thank you to everyone who left fab comments, we are still in the process of "Tidy Up Time" in the warehouse so I am sure there will be another great prize this Friday. 

I had some surprises turn up in todays post the last of the Srawberry Challenge goodies.

A strawberry barrow, with big fat juicy strawberries - well I had to try them, it would have been very rude otherwise. This is a brilliant idea Teresa and great fun.

Anyone for afternoon tea? Look at the design on the teapot - here is a close up.

Wow that is some detail - cross stitch, it's fantastic Teresa.

This is a cool idea, any idea what it is covering?

Oooh you know the way to my girls hearts Teresa!  Don't think this will be in the warehouse long.

Teresa this is wicked, I just love notebooks, clip boards - well any stationery!!

Oooh for me? Hope so.

Teresa also sent in this little hand bag - but it is not what it seems.....

.....surprise a little pack of post its.  What great ideas you sent Teresa, thank you.

These delightful strawberry bunnies have hopped all the way from Co Wexford in Ireland to be with us. Great colours Jessica, I do love pink and lime.

Jessica you made my little grey cells work on trying to open this card. But I got there in the end.....

Amazing card Jessica and those little people are wonderful.

Apoligies to Leslie, she sent in the juicy strawberry card a while ago, but I lost it. Sorry Leslie, not sure what the strawberry has been made from but it sure is lush.

Leslie also sent in a ATC, which she hasn't made for ages.  Glad you enjoyed the freedom Leslie.

I have saved Gail's goodies till last, it  has taken her an age to make - so long that it was given a name! "That strawberry THING".

Gail it is FANTASTIC.  It must have taken hours of work.

Look at the cross stitch detail, it is amazing Gail, she will be given a very special home.

Gail's daughter Samantha also sent in a card, she is only four.  Well done Samantha your card is charming. Are you the Fairy Princess on the cover? You really do have a natural talent.

I think this is all of the stunning Strawberry Challenge goodies, we hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part.

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