Sweet 16

Just a quick posting today - Ali and Tony are back.  But boy do they look tired.  They helped us unload the van and gave us all our little prezzies, thanks.

But after our French Pic Nic lunch (which was totally delish by the way) we sent them home, they were like a couple of walking zombies.  Ali kept on starting jobs but would forget what she was doing!!!

Sam picked this weeks Friday FREEBIE winner.

The wining number is 16 = Sherry Edwards

Poor Ali and Tony - sounds like such hard work, but no doubt it'll all worth it.

I love the embossed velvet ribbon the best - thanks for the chance of winning.

Happy weekend all

Well done Sherry, if you could send me an email to rachie.craftyribbons@gmail.com and I will send you the embossed velvet ribbons, but only if you promise to stroke them!

Thanks to everyone, we hope Tony and Ali got some rest this afternoon and that they will be back to normal tomorrow.

Take care

Rachie and Bev xxKissYell

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