What's the big secret....

Sounds like you all want to know what we are up to at the moment.....

Well we can not tell you everything, but to put Sherry's mind at rest we are NOT on Britains Got Talent as a Ribbon Twirling act!!!! You had us in fits of laughter over that Sherry.

Although Sherry is on the right lines.........we received a phone call last week from a TV production company (arrrgh TV).  They are looking for crafters that are passionate about what they do......Bev took the phone call "Oh yes you need to speak to Ali, she loves her ribbons".

So yesterday wearing my lucky ribbon shoes, I was interviewed and filmed......not for TV, but to see if I was suitable for the programme.  My 2 hour interview will be edited to 3 minutes and put forward to the producers.

Am I passionate about ribbons?
Do I love what I do?
Did I look good on camera? 
Were my instructions clear and easy to follow on making ribbon goodies?

To be honest, I have no idea.........they loved the blog and the way everyone was wishing me luck......they could not believe the amount of ribbon in our warehouse...............oh I do not know..........

I am up againest potters, weavers, ironsmiths....so not sure what I call myself.............so maybe Sherry was right and I am a Ribbon Twirler!!!

Here is someone that is passionate about our challenges - Dorothy.  I believe Dorothy has been in all of them - I am sure she will let us know. I love opening Dorothy's challenge parcels, they are always full to the brim with crafting goodies, and she has excelled herself with the seam binding challenge, not 2 creations but 7!!!

So what has Dorothy sent me.......

...Dorothy said this card was not really for the challenge, but thought the little girl reminded her of somebody on our team.  I think you are correct Dorothy it does look like our little Mollie.

With those seam binding flowers and seed bead details, I think it is a challenge goodie Dorothy.

Dorothy has been keeping this brooch cone, waiting for a special occasion - she thought this challenge was perfect and has filled it with a delightful arrangement of ribbon roses and feathers.  Looks like you did a bit of dyeing on one of the roses, very artisic Dorothy.

Hair bands are all the rage at the moment, perfect colour combo Dorothy.

Staying with the hair theme, Dorothy also sent in this beautiful butterfly hair grip.

Look at the detail.

Onto smellies....with this charming Lavender pomander.  We will keep this away from Tony, it will make him sneeze!!! Although he may prefer it to the smell that greeted him this morning.  The unit behind ours had a cleaning product spillage overnight and the smell had seeped through to all the other units.......the air was rather uplifting this morning.  Tony advised us not to breathe in the aromas although he said they did smell good!!! Naughty Tony.

Sorry back to the pomander...look a spiders web rose...we have all tried these? Yes?

A bead edged pot pourri pillow.

Trimed with the most amazing seam binding flowers.

And finally at the bottom of Dorothys box was this unique scarf.

I love the way you have picked out and enhanced the colours from the scarf Dorothy.

WOW! What a collection of wonderful Seam Binding goodies Dorothy - thank you so much for all you hard work, they have given me inspiration and I hope they will give our readers plenty as well.

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