A cheery welcome

We are all making our way back to the little village where we grew up in Oxfordshire today, famous for the Maharajahs Well. It will be the first of a series of Christmas family meals! Sydney proudly told me yesterday evening she and Sam were going to wear Santa’s helpers outfits for Grandma Edney, I gather it was meant to be a secret.

Hang a beautiful Christmas Wreath.

I am not a florist and so will certainly not tell you how to make your own wreath, but I do like Christmas wreaths that are full of fresh fragrances of pine and rosemary with the deep glossy green of holly and shiny red berries. Add a twist of ribbon and a bright red bow and you have a gorgeous festive welcoming wreath to hang on your door.

I spent a morning hunting around my garden and the hedgerows looking for seasonal ingredients – pine, holly, rosemary, ivy and the white fluffy things!  Mum always called them “old mans beards” so I have no idea what they are called.  

Think where the wreath is going to be placed, (what coloured door) and choose ribbons to match.  Whether you make your own, there are a plethora of free goodies out there that can be used, or if you buy one, a ribbon bow will make it extra special.   

Use a light weight ribbon, this is a wire edge sheer and can be found HERE. As this will be outside and may get wet, keep the ribbon loops small so they do not become too heavy when soaked.

I made two of these, one each for our parents, I hope they would have liked them.  Mum used to make her own, so I am sure she would have been rather critical of mine!!!

Have a restful Sunday.


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