Make a Rose

I went Christmas shopping for the first time this morning - it wasn't that bad.  So the prezzies I have just wrapped are real ones - strange thing to say you may be thinking, but I am so used to wrapping empty boxes for our exhibtion stands, do you know they get stolen.  I would love to see their faces when they open up the parcels to find empty Daz boxes!!!

Ribbon Roses are not just for Christmas, but they do looking stunning in this sheer gold ribbon.  I hope my step Mum likes them, they are for her!

If I told you how easy they are to make I am sure you would not believe me, so I will show you.  All you need is about 1mtr of wire edge ribbon per rose.

Tie a knot in one end of the ribbon about 5cm from the end, pull the knot tight. 

Go to the other end of the ribbon (the one without the knot), ease back the ribbon on one side to find the little wire that runs through the ribbon edge.

Gather the ribbon, all the way along the wire - like a net curtain!  You want as many gathers as you can, the more gathers you have the fuller the rose will be.


Place your fingers just below the knot.

Gently roll the knot along the gathers.  You want the gathers to sit ontop of the knot.

Keep rolling it along the gathers.

When you run out of gathers and you are at the end of the ribbon, place it ontop of the knot and tail of ribbon you have been holding onto, see photo below.


With the spare wire, twist it around the ribbon to secure.

Trim the stem of the ribbon rose.


Play with the rose a little, put your fingers in the centre and give it a little twist to create the bud. 

One Ribbon Rose - was that easy or what?!  I use a hot glue to stick it to my parcels.  You can use any ribbon as long as it is wired edged, the ribbon I used can be found HERE.

I am off to Syd and Sam's to deliver their advent calenders - I know I am a bit late but I only finished them this afternoon, what a bad Auntie I am.

Happy rose making.






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